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Stephen and Andrew co-created Nebula-75. Collaborating on the scripts together remotely, they then separated roles: Andrew produced the series and oversaw the remote recording and editing of the dialogue tracks from his home in Gateshead, whilst Stephen directed and shot the show at his flat in London and provided the voices of Doctor Asteroid and guest characters. Stephen and Andrew have worked as a creative partnership for 13 years and are partners in Century 21 Films.



Geneva-born Geraldine's background in the performing arts has equipped her well for the half-film/half-theatre world of Supermarionation. For Nebula-75 Géraldine was responsible for the dressing, stringing and styling of the puppets, as well as lip-sync operating. She also oversaw all elements of the set design - utilising whatever happened to be on hand in our London flat. In addition to puppet-wrangling and set-design, she performs the voice of Athena. She has worked in theatre and film and TV both in England and Switzerland for seven years.



Throughout the last few years, we've been very lucky to have respected sculptor Stephen Mansfield loan us his skills to bring a whole new generation of characters to life. Almost all of the characters in Nebula-75 are his - from heroic Commander Neptune, to roguish Lord and Lady Menteur - a spectrum of traditional heroes, heroines, comic characters and villains. Stephen's work is well known through his connections to Doctor Who, Madame Tussauds and Spitting Image.



Canadian Justin T. Lee worked remotely as Nebula-75’s SFX supervisor and used his skills to help ensure that work carried out in one living room in London was still able to replicate very specific 1960s effects work. Justin also took on responsibility for the overall graphic look of the show. In addition to this, he also found the time to loan his distinctive voice to both Commander Ray Neptune and Circuit. In addition to his work on Century 21 projects, Justin is an accomplished Post Production supervisor in the film and advertising world. He is currently producing his own series, Miikshi for Gazelle Automations.



Elliot joined Century 21 Films for two days work experience on their 2015 production of Thunderbirds and soon made himself an indispensable member of the team. Over the course of his work with Century 21 Films he has turned his hand to many roles and for Nebula-75 alone he multi-tasked as the lead puppeteer, picture and sound editor as well as finding time to do visual effects work. 



For Nebula-75, Hilton Fitzsimmons acted as lead model maker - utilising his exhaustive knowledge of authentic 1960s model kit parts and set dressing to ensure that the series feels suitably of the period. Hilton has worked with the Century 21 Films team since 2015 and has turned his hand to everything from exploding oil refineries to moon rockets and from stately mansions drawing rooms to spaceship control centres.

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With a background in costuming for the stage, Liz Comstock-Smith had never worked with puppets prior to joining our team for the production of 50th anniversary episodes of Thunderbirds in 2015. Designing and fabricating miniature costumes at Supermarionation scale requires a fine balance between practicality and aesthetics and the stylish results of Liz’s efforts are seen throughout Nebula-75. Liz also loaned her voice to the character of Lady Menteur.



Three times BAFTA winning Re-Recording Mixer Nigel Heath - the voice of Nebula-75's Solar Smacks commercials - helped the team remotely throughout their Lockdown production. During the stricter parts of confinement, Nigel assisted with technical advice and performed character voices. However, towards the end of Lockdown as restrictions lifted, he was able to re-record the fifth episode of Nebula-75 for us at Hackenbacker Post Production, London. Nigel's other recent credits include Downton Abbey and Killing Eve.

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