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A lone man in uniform responsible for a crew of lively civilian recruits, Commander Neptune's overriding desire is to get his shipmates home. In a vast and isolated patch of space, he grapples with the loneliness of

command at the same time wondering

if his destiny might actually lie

amongst the stars. 


Fastidious and knowledgeable, German Doctor Asteroid can sometimes care a little too much about the well-being of his patients. Even when distracted by his favourite snack, Solar Supremes, the Doctor's heart is in the right place and whenever the situation calls for it, he bravely rises to the occasion.


A mysterious telepath from a race known as the Space Maidens, Athena is an unexpected arrival aboard the Nebula-75 and a guiding light in a dark corner of the universe. Kindly and enigmatic in nature, she uses her extraordinary powers to assist the crew when she can.


Ramshackle, rusty, and feisty, Circuit is nevertheless a valuable member of the Nebula-75 crew. Always at the ready, he is an all purpose robot capable of piloting the ship, combatting intruders and making the tea.


Organized, positive, and a little playful, Lt. Solstice multi-tasks to keep the ship running. A calming influence, she uses her knowledge of the crew to bring out the best in them whenever she is able. 


Whatever the job, the crew of the Nebula-75 know they can turn to the dutiful Lieutenant Mercury for help. Wide eyed and enthusiastic, Mercury is equally at home on the bridge or in engineering and he aspires to some day be as capable an astronaut as his Commander. 

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