"I'd like to share with you a few of our adventures from our spaceship, NEBULA-75..."

– Commander Ray Neptune

Filmed in Supermarionation by the team at Century 21 Films, Nebula-75 offers a contemporary take on retro puppet adventure series that have enthralled generations of children and adults – charting the voyages of Commander Ray Neptune and his brave crew as they explore the depths of space, encounter fellow travellers, and journey towards home. 

Evoking a 1960s series that never really existed, Nebula-75 began life as a one-off short film in 2020, but soon attracted an enthusiastic audience hungry for further instalments. Since then, the series has grown, with several full-length episodes, faux commercials for breakfast cereals and ice lollies, a range of much-asked for merchandise, and even a robot-hosted chat show!

  • Filmed in Supermarionation, Nebula-75 was created as a one-off short during the 2020 UK lockdown.

  • Passionate viewer response has led to the production of a full and continuing series.

  • Nebula-75’s episodes have received over half a million views across YouTube and Facebook.

  • High audience engagement has led to thousands of social media comments, a huge surge in channel subscriptions, and a host of wonderful unsolisited fan-art submissions.

  • Featured in Radio Times, the BBC’s Front Row, Channel 4's Countdown, and in other media outlets.

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